Population Monitoring for Assessment of Health Concerns Using Biomarkers
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.5016/1806-8774.2006v8p1

William Au, Julian Preston


Au W, Preston J. Population Monitoring for Assessment of Health Concerns Using Biomarkers. ARBS Annu Rev Biomed Sci 2006;8:1-8. Exposure to environmental toxic substances is a significant cause of human health problems. In the modern world, exposure to small amount of these substances, either natural or man-made, is often unavoidable. The critical question to ask is, at what concentrations and exposure conditions are these substances hazardous to human health. One approach to address the question is to conduct population monitoring studies using reliable biomarkers that can be used to indicate excessive exposure, susceptibility to health consequences, and increased potential risk for health problems. In this review, the application of traditional and molecular biomarkers in population monitoring studies is systematically presented. A major emphasis in the review is to show how to design rigorous study protocols so that results from these studies will be appropriate for use in disease reduction programs. In addition, the benefits and limitations in the use of biomarkers are presented

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5016/1806-8774.2006v8p1