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Vol 5 (2003): Neurotrophins in Neuroendocrine Control: Brain Derived-neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Somatostatin Involvement in the Stress Response and Reproductive Physiology Details   PDF
Sandor Arancibia, F Rage, L Givalois, L Tapia-Arancibia
Vol 11 (2009): New approaches for G-protein coupled receptor ligands identification.
Abstract   PDF
Andrea Heimann, Emer Ferro
Vol 6 (2004): Non-Invasive Monitoring of Reproduction in Zoo and Wildlife Species Details   PDF
Laura H Graham
Vol 10 (2008): Nutrition and the Welfare of Ruminants
Abstract   PDF
Jim P Hogan, Clive JC Phillips
Vol 5 (2003): Ovarian Asymmetry Details   PDF
, L Morales, ME Cruz
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Panel session 1: Biochemistry; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Genetics Details   PDF
Maria Sueli S Felipe (Org.),
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Panel session 2: Diagnosis and Epidemiology Details   PDF
Maria Sueli S Felipe (Org.),
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Panel session 3: Immunopathology Details   PDF
Maria Sueli S Felipe (Org.),
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Panel session 4: Clinic and Therapeutics Details   PDF
Maria Sueli S Felipe (Org.),
Vol 7 (2005): Inclued Special Issue 2005 Perinatal Exposure to Chemical Agents: Delayed Effects by the Mechanism of Imprinting (Cell Programming) Details   PDF
Andrei N Tchernitchin
Vol 10 (2008): Pharmacological Effects of Allium Sativum L. (Garlic).
Abstract   PDF
Dinesh Kumar Singh, Vinay Kumar Singh
Vol 8 (2006): Population Monitoring for Assessment of Health Concerns Using Biomarkers
Abstract   PDF
William Au, Julian Preston
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Porcine in vitro Fertilization: Advances in Medium, Components and Equipment Details   PDF
S G Clark, Mattew B Wheeler
Vol 1 (1999): Possible Roles for Heat Shock Protein 70 and Glutathione in Protection of the Mammalian Preimplantation Embryo from Heat Shock Details   PDF
P J Hansen
Vol 2 (2000): Post-transcription Regulation of mRNA and Hormone Synthesis and Release at the Anterior Pituitary Gland: Information derived from the recovery of pituitary gonadotrope cell function after therapy with a GnRH agonist Details   PDF
M J D'occhio, D P A F Braga, T E Trigg
Vol 6 (2004): Principle and Applications of X-ray Microanalysis to Biological Specimens by High Voltage Electron Microscopy Details   PDF
Tetsuji Nagata
Vol 4 (2002): Inclued Special Issue 2002 Production of Nitric Oxide and TNF-a, and Expression of iNOS and NFkB in Peritoneal Macrophages Activated with Interferon Gama Details   PDF
A Gonzalez, B H Aristizabal, E Caro, A Restrepo, Luz E Cano
Vol 3 (2001): Propolis: Biological and Pharmacological Activities. Therapeutic Uses of This Bee-product Details   PDF
Solange L Castro
Vol 10 (2008): Protease Nexin-1 in Reproductive Tissues: a Review
Abstract   PDF
Christopher A Price
Vol 11 (2009): Psychological Stress and Welfare in Fish.
Abstract   PDF
Rui Oliveira, Leonor Galhardo
Vol 7 (2005): Inclued Special Issue 2005 Quantification of apoptosis and detection of HSP70 and COX-1 expression in tumor cells during Ehrlich ascites tumor growth Details   PDF
Soraya Imon de Oliveira, , Aline Yamaguti Matsukuma, Sonia Jancar
Vol 5 (2003): Reproductive Function in Long Lived Mice: Effects of Mutations and Caloric Restriction Details   PDF
Andrzej Bartke, V Chandrashekar
Vol 2 (2000): Role of Fungal Virulence Factors in Evasion of Host Defenses Details   PDF
G B Huffnagle, T R Traynor
Vol 10 (2008): Role of MicroRNA in the Regulation of Apoptosis.
Abstract   PDF
Daisy R Roy, Sathees BC Chandra
Vol 7 (2005): Inclued Special Issue 2005 Role of Natural Killer Cells in Antitumor Resistance Details   PDF
Ramon Kaneno
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