Graduation Meeting - Graduate Programs at the Botucatu Medical School, UNESP - Brazil.


The 5th Graduation Meeting of the Graduate Programs at the Botucatu Medical School, S Paulo State University/UNESP, was entirely organized by graduate students and held from December 3rd to 5th, 2009. During the meeting it was discussed basic, translational and clinical sciences and also the strategies for achieving excellence in the Graduate Programs. The event gathered 170 researchers, including
professionals, graduate and undergraduate students of this University and also from other Brazilian universities. The invited speakers, including Maria Elena Nader-Macs, from Tucuman/Argentina, promoted important opportunities to discuss advanced topics of different areas of human health-oriented biosciences. The event was supported by the UNESP, The S Paulo State Foundation for Reseaarch (FAPESP), The Agency for the Improvement of Graduate Studies in Higher Education (CAPES) and other local sponsors. Considering the success of this event, the next Graduation Meeting should happen in 2010 in order to continue discussing science at high-level.

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